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The idea of offering a veterinary service in the Middle East evoke during a business trip to Kuwait and Abu Dhabi in 2008.

Dr. Kuehn saw the need to create a unique, “leading-edge” veterinary service which focuses exclusively on performance issues. One of her special field of interest is the domain of respiratory disorders. Being worldwide the only veterinarian in private practice using a mobile noninvasive lung function test to detect hidden subclinical lung disorders she already worked with some of the most successful thoroughbread trainers in Europe and the USA. In addition to an highly effective inhalation therapy she developed a special technique of intravenous laser therapy to improve the respiratory potential. Depending on the laser light energy level this special technique is not only improving the immune system of the horse it also promotes the oxygen uptake, O2 binding capacity and the mitochondrial energy transfer.

Being the first time in the Middle East Dr. Kuehn was fascinated by the landscape but immediately thought about the special requirements of the dessert climate on the equine respiratory system. Having the experience with racehorses in California suffering on lung disorders from inhaled dust she started to survey the equine population in the Middle East. Dr. Kuehn and her team have an ongoing project in collaboration with the Bait al Arab Equine Hospital in Kuwait to investigate this performance limiting lung disease called silicosis.

Dr. Kuehn and her veterinary partner currently utilized the techniques already approved in equine medicine for diagnoses and therapy of camels.

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